Silvestri Tilting Loupe 6x
  • Silvestri Tilting Loupe 6x
  • Silvestri Tilting Loupe 6x

Silvestri Tilting Loupe 6x


Code 5050 - 6x power with optional tilt for brighter viewing of screen corners. Can be removed from tilt base and used as a straight loupe.

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A long-standing problem with large format cameras is that of focusing in the corners of the ground glass, especially when using short focal lenses. With normal lupes on the market the corners tend to come out very darkly. This inconvenience increases with super wide angle lenses over 90 degrees and becomes dramatic with extreme shifting. In fact with normal lupes, in the perpendicular view at ground glass level, the image disappears altogether in the corners. Thus it is impossible to make corrections. Field of View: 27mm, Tilting to 45 degrees, Eyepiece focusing: +3-1, Dimensions: 48x53mm, Weight: 84g


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Made in Italy
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