Lenses for Enlarging, CCD Photos and Video

In order to use the tremendous advantages of digital technology, libraries, archives, museums and service providers all over the world are digitalizing their books, historical scripts, paintings, documents, mechanical drawings etc. with special scanners. Optimized lenses for the different scan systems are needed to digitalize the often very high resolution analog originals without degradation. These lenses must be calculated for plain originals and finite scales and exhibit no distortion or vignetting. Rodenstock Photo Optics enlarging lenses meet all these standards without compromise. Our wide range of enlarging lenses includes the perfect solution for almost every application.

Lenses for Enlarging, CCD Photos and Video


  • Rodagon

    The lens type Rodagon, with brilliant reproduction over the whole scale range of conventional enlargers, has become the universal workhorse of both demanding amateurs and professionals in practical use. Furthermore, the models with focal lengths up to 135 mm have proven to be excellent macro lenses for SLR cameras and to be high-resolution taking lenses for CCD cameras in combination with the Rodenstock focusing device Modular-Focus.

  • Apo Rodagon D

    Apo-Rodagon-D lenses are designed for the highest possible imaging quality for close-ups at just those scales around 1:1 where even the best enlarging lenses for larger scales begin to show their weak spots. Thus their typical applications are transparency duplication, the preparation of internegatives and – together with the Modular-Focus helical mount and the matching camera adapters – macro photography. Furthermore, as well as for photography, they can also be used as high resolving optical systems for premium scanners.

  • Apo Rodagon N

    The apochromatically corrected high-performance lenses of the Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon-N series guarantee perfect results which will satisfy even the highest demands. For the use of these lenses as taking lenses for close up and macro photography with 35 mm SLR cameras as well as for use as high resolution taking lenses with CCD still and video cameras, the same applies as to the use of the Rodagon; however, the definition and the brilliance is still a little bit better.

  • Rodagon WA

    The Rodagon-WA has a shorter focal length and a larger angle of view and hence it achieves a 70% larger projection area than a conventional enlarging lens with standard focal length. It is therefore eminently suitable for section enlargements on units with relatively short columns. Thanks to the shorter projection distance, the negative carrier and the filter adjustment controls remain within reach of the hands and can still be operated easily when the enlarger's head is in top position for high enlargements.

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