Terms and conditions for the supply of goods

We recommend that you read carefully the terms and conditions on this page before proceeding with the purchase of products of interest to you.

1. Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereafter referred to as the "General Conditions") regulate the contractual relations between the customers who purchase through the site silvestricamerashop.com (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") and the company Silvestri srl, with registered office in Via of the Sansovino 220, 50142 Florence.

The Terms and Conditions set forth herein together with the Order Confirmation constitute the Contract between us (Silvestri srl) and the Customer for the supply of the Products. The Contract can not be modified except by prior written agreement or by e-mail. When the Customers make the purchase, they undertake to comply with the General Conditions reported here.

2. Management of an Order

To place an Order, customers must be of legal age and can be reached by telephone and / or via a valid e-mail address.

It is possible to place an Order:

- by filling out the Order Form (electronic cart) available at the Silvestricamerashop.com website

- by contacting our offices by email at info@silvestricamera.com indicating the required material and your complete billing and shipping data;

With the submission of an Order the Customers make a proposal to purchase the Products chosen under the Conditions and the Terms here indicated. Silvestri srl will still be free to accept this proposal or not.

If the Order is accepted, Silvestri srl will communicate acceptance to Customers through contact by our staff via e-mail or telephone. Should the Order not be accepted, Silvestri srl will also contact the Customers by e-mail, by phone, or by regular mail.

For no reason will be accepted cancellations of orders of custom material or specially ordered to suppliers to meet a specific need of the customer.

Silvestri srl will publish on the website the closing periods related to holidays and holidays. The transmission of orders during these periods is tacit acceptance that the fulfillment of orders will take place from the date of reopening.

3. Product information

The images that illustrate the products are not part of the contractual framework and can not under any circumstances be considered as the responsibility of Silvestri srl.


4. Prices

The sales prices indicated on the Website are expressed in euros (€), are NOT inclusive of VAT and do NOT include delivery costs. Delivery costs are always charged to customers and are invoiced at the end of the order.

Silvestri srl reserves the right to change prices at any time, but agrees to apply the prices indicated on the Site at the time of order.

5. Payments

In case of payment made by credit card, the charge on your card will be executed immediately upon confirmation of the order. We suggest you print a copy of the order for your reference. Silvestri Srl does not store or store credit card data of customers, as the transaction takes place directly on the secure servers of the payment management companies.

7. What to do when the shipment is delivered:

1. Verify the integrity of the package.

2. Only in the eventuality of external material damages of the packaging and / or of the product due to transport, explain in writing with a certain and non-generic reserve on the waybill the specific description of the damage found.

3. Verify that the shipment does not show any damage or apparent anomalies. In case no problems are found, accept the delivery.

4. In the event of non-compliance or apparent damage, refuse delivery and complete the acceptance form stating the problem encountered.

5. Return the package to the courier.

6. Send an e-mail to info@silvestricamera.com describing the incident within 48 hours of receiving the product.

8. Right of withdrawal

Sales of products via the Internet are governed by the law D.Lgs n. 185 of 22/05/1999 which regulates the subject of distance contracts, ie carried out outside commercial premises.

This legislation establishes the right of withdrawal, or the possibility for the consumer to return the purchased product and to obtain reimbursement of the expenses incurred.

This right is reserved exclusively for natural persons (consumers), so it can not be exercised by legal persons and by natural persons acting for purposes related to their professional activity.

To exercise the right of withdrawal you must send, within 10 working days of receipt of goods, the items for which you intend to exercise this right, requesting prior written permission by contacting Silvestri srl, by phone or by e-mail at info @ silvestricamera .com

All this must be sent by post or courier to the following address: Silvestri srl via del Sansovino 220 50142 Florence and costs of resending the product are the customer's responsibility. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted through the written consent of Silvestri srl. The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact, namely:

• absence or damage of the original packaging

• absence of integral elements of the product such as: accessories, cables, instruction manuals, etc

• damage to the product due to causes other than transport. Silvestri srl will proceed with the re-credit related to the cost of goods shipped within 30 working days after the shipment of the goods by the customer and in any case not before receiving the goods.

Silvestri srl will consequently reject any returned product not packed, as well as products for which the return costs have not been fully paid by the Customer.

9. Limited one-year warranty

All Products sold by Silvestri srl are warranted against defects in materials used and construction for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Perishable or wear-resistant materials such as lamps, flash tubes, diffuser covers, fuses, cables and connectors are always excluded from the warranty. In order to obtain warranty repair of a product, this must be delivered to our office in Florence, accompanied by the purchase invoice and an accurate description of the malfunction or failure. The collection of repaired products can take place at our office or you can request shipping to any address in the Italian territory with a charge for transport costs.

Some products sold by Silvestri srl are designed for professional use, therefore the Customer, by accepting this contract, declares to know the correct methods of use. No warranty will be recognized if an improper use of the product has been found.

10. Jurisdiction

We will endeavor to resolve any dispute quickly and efficiently. If you are not satisfied with these attempts and wish to appeal to the Judicial Authority, this Contract will be governed according to Italian law and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Florence. Any invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more contractual clauses will in no way affect the validity or ineffectiveness of the other contractual clauses.