The Silvestri cameras are all original designs based on innovative and dynamic solutions that respond to the needs of the hectic world of visual images, both in the field of traditional and digital photography. Our cameras provide effective answers to the ever-changing and compelling demands of this world.



  • Bicam & T30

    Bicam is compact, flexible and efficient.

    You start with an 0,8 kg weight, you add the back for conventional film operation or you integrate with a high-resolution digital back. For both conventional and digital operation, the user has access to Silvestri's broad range of front and rear accessories. This is an open-ended system which develops and adapts to the needs of the photographer.

  • Flexicam

    Flexicam is an extremely compact and light technical camera camera, suitable for both outdoor and studio photography.

    Its characteristic compactness and extreme versatility will make it the best choice for architectural and travel photographers.

  • S5 micron Accessories
  • Model H & H25 accessories
  • S4 camera accessories
  • Viewfinders
  • Remote Control Unit

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