Remote Control Units for Prontor Magnetic & Schneider Electronic shutters

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The Digital Remote Control Unit 7053K interfaces digital backs, controls the Prontor electronic shutters and the diaphragm opening with the new Schneider shutters, simulates Hasselblad 555ELD. The Digital Control Unit allows to take 4 and 16 microstep shots with Imacon Ixpress back. Controls the Prontor Schneider: shutters a) single shot b) multishot with selectable times with increasings of 1/10 diaphragm c) Control full open d) Control of field depth with selectioned diaphragm e) during the depth controlling it is possible to change the work diaphragm.

DRCU connection cables with Prontor & Schneider Electronic Shutter for Digital backs:

Prontor shutter Schneider shutter
Hasselblad H3D2: including H3D2, H4D. 7092K + 7036K
Hasselblad CF: including CFV, CFVII, CFV-39, CF 39, CF-39-MS 7090K + 7036K
Hasselblad / Imacon C  7047K + 7036K
Phase One P and IQ: including P65+, P45+, P40+, P30+, P25+, P20+, IQ140, IQ160, IQ180. 7034K+7033K + 7036K
Mamiya Leaf Credo: including Credo 80, 60, 40. 7034K+7032K + 7036K
Leaf Aptus: including Aptus II 12R, 12, 10, 10R, 8, 7, 5. 7038K + 7036K