Our company

The cameras BICAM, Flexicam, MOD. H, S4, S5 micron produced by Silvestri srl represent the history of a photographic system that has acquired world-wide recognition. These cameras are all original designs based on innovative and dynamic solutions that respond to the needs of the hectic world of visual images, both in the field of traditional and digital photography. Our cameras provide effective answers to the ever-changing and compelling demands of this world.

We have a flexible structure that is capable of meeting the market’s needs with appropriate solutions. The technological complexity of our mechanisms and our optical precision are the result of a unique know-how based on experience and the assistance of prestigious partners.

High quality visual images are the expression of a world that is open to the future in which photographic synthesis can effectively reach everyone, regardless of languages and nationalities, and with no need for any form of mediation. Our mechanical and optical components, used in traditional and digital photography, provide visual communication with the tools to produce the highest quality images.