Flexicam X camera
  • Flexicam X camera
  • Flexicam X camera
  • Flexicam X camera

Flexicam X camera

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Compared to the previous model, substantial changes have been made:

- The horizontal level has been moved from above the frame of the back to the base, freeing up useful space for housing the cameras.

- The base and support have been tapered allowing to house the Fuji GFX 100 camera vertically and horizontally.

- The bellows is currently interchangeable with magnetic fixing for quick removal.


Attachments for Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Mamiya 4.5X6 digital backs are available.

For Mirrorless and SLR cameras Fuji GFX, Sony alpha, Canon EOS and Nikon F mount.


The constructive choice allows the optics to get as close as possible to the focal plane. The wide Silvestri bayonet allows the use of recessed lens holder bayonets.

Please note that suitable lenses are required. Refer to the sketch, the lens specifications and the chosen adapter for information:

Flexicam X A= 22 mm.
Bayonet B= 1,5 mm,
Fuji adapter X= 10,5 mm. Y= 26,7 mm.
Sony alpha X= 10mm. Y= 18 mm.
Canon EOS X= 10mm. Y= 44 mm.
Nikon F X= 10mm. Y= 46,5 mm.


In addition to the large micrometric shifting movements, 15 + 15mm vertical - 10 + 15mm horizontal, Flexicam has tilting of the lens in the two vertical-horizontal axes 15 + 15 °. The positions are visible on dedicated scales.


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Made in Italy

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