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Silvestri Bicam is the co-star of the film presented at the Venice Film Festival "LA CITTÀ MACCHINA - VERONA 900"

The film is a choral creation. The elements that make up the story intersect and take shape in the sequence; the beautiful Verona shows off herself and shows herself in her beauty.
We give credit to Dario and Diego Biello (director and producer) and to all the professionals who worked on it, for having made an unusual film outside the news, with a clear cultural purpose.
We are with the photographer (actor Alessandro Preziosi), who with his Silvestri Bicam moves through the city spaces acting as a common thread and researching the futurist city in an unusual Verona unknown to many. We are very grateful to Andrea Pirisi, owner of the Bicam camera, who supported the production with his expertise and sensitivity in terms of architectural photography.
On this occasion we like to remember that the representation of architecture and urban landscape through photography requires rigor and competence, the use of light and scenic situations is very important in addition to the use of specific equipment as in this case. In this time.

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