Polymax Filter Set 150mm 12 Filts


Polymax Filter Set 150mm 12 Filters

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Contrast control with multigrade and variable contrast black & white photographic papers can be achieved in several ways. One of the most widely used ways is through the use multigrade or variable contrast hand filters. A magenta filter absorbs green light and transmits blue; A yellow filter absorbs blue light and transmits green. In this way, high and low contrast images can be made. Kodak produces 12 polycontrast filters that are numbered 00 - 5 in 1/2 steps, with the lowest filter number corresponding to the softest contrast. These filters control the contrast of Kodak Polycontrast and Polymax papers. They are intended to be used above, or below the lens. 6 x 6" soft gelatin filters that may be trimmed with a scissors, presented in a numbered plastic case. Polycontrast filters are very easy to use: no complicated calculations are needed when changing from one filter to another. The exposure time for filters 00 - 31/2 is the same; that for filters 4 - 5 is double.