Professional "Profi" cable release with disk-lock (50cm) *
  • Professional "Profi" cable release with disk-lock (50cm) *

Professional "Profi" cable release with disk-lock (50cm) *


Professional "Profi" cable release with disk-lock (50cm), suitable for Copal Press shutters

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The design for the professional photographer combines the benefits of butterfly handle and bell-shaped handle. An enlarged hold area enables a particularly smooth and easy-running release and guarantees a secure grip of the release from any position due to the direction-free nature of the bell-shaped handle. The spherical brake enables comfortable shooting with long exposures, as its locking device remains in locked position until it is reset into normal position by the operator. The cable release is reinforced with an anti-kink spring above the end piece so that the release pin cannot jam while triggering off the release. The end piece is pivoted and facilitates the screwing in of the release into the camera. Particularly suitable for: Rough environmental conditions, camera shutters with raised release resistance, extensive series of exposures with long exposure times, frequent changing of releases.


Data sheet

50 cm
disk lock
for Copal Press
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