Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm
  • Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm
  • Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm
  • Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm

Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm


Professional Lens for Digital Backs & Medium Format Mirrorless Cameras

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The Apo Silvetar 5.6/35mm lens was designed for modern view cameras with digital backs  or medium format mirrorless cameras. The possibility of accommodation movements for perspective correction and its exceptional technical characteristics correspond to the demands of quality by professional architecture and landscape photographers.

1) Excellent colour rendering.

2) Excellent resolution.

3) Wide retrofocus space requested for extreme applications.

4) The small rear group size (23mm) allows large movements inside the bayonets of mirrorless cameras.

5) M39x1 screw connection with flange (shutter n.1)

6) Possibility of mounting in a recessed position up to 85mm from the focal plane.


- Silvestri cameras: Flexicam

- Technical cameras:  M39x1 thread (Leica style) or Copal 1 flange M39, locking ring included.

! The camera or the digital back has to have a focal-plane  shutter or a sensor with an electronic shutter.


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Made in Italy

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