Repro Light Box L 24x30
  • Repro Light Box L 24x30
  • Repro Light Box L 24x30

Repro Light Box L 24x30


Adapter plate RE0066 included

For Cultural Heritage photography

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REPRO LIGHT BOX L is designed for contactless reproduction of B / W and colour transparencies. It allows the reproduction of transparencies on film or plate in 24x30 and smaller formats.

The high quality lighting is provided by high colour rendering CRI 97 LEDs balanced to 4000°K to deliver exceptional color reproduction. The Light Box has excellent heat dissipation, the light surface is not in contact with the film and this improves the image quality and reduces dirt and heat on the subject. With modern cameras or digital backs the reproduction becomes fast and of excellent quality. 

- 220V power supply

- Shuko switch with protection fuse.

- Cooling Fan included

- Quick coupling system for format exchange.

- Originals up to 24x30 cm.

- Size: 40 x 32 x 15 cm.

- Weight: Kg. 3.8


Data sheet

Made in Italy

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