Mamiya 645 Attachment for Mamiya RB67


Mamiya 645 Attachment for Mamiya RB67

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Machined to exactly the same focal plane as a conventional Mamiya film back, the Silvestri RB adapter require no modifications to the camera. To provide interfacing between the Digital Back and Mamiya RB67 camera body, the communication cable must be plugged into the lens flash sync terminal. This allows the digital back to be activated when the shutter release button is depressed. Shooting data such as aperture, shutter speed, etc. will not be shown on the metadata files because there is no direct interface between camera, lens and digital back. Works with all digital backs with Mamiya attachment. With Hasselblad digital backs: single shot mode only (no multishot). with Phase One backs: single shot mode. No need of wake up cable. Specification: Weight: 164 gr. Dimensions: 10,5 x 10,5 x 1,5 cm. Compatible with Phase One XF IQ Digital Backs.