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Silvestri REPROcam

For Cultural Heritage photography

 With a robust and extremely accurate construction, Reprocam guarantees precision and reliability for professional results, allowing you to get closer to the subject without discontinuity in adjusting the focus and framing up to 1:1 ratio
Designed specifically for archival and reproduction
photography, the Silvestri REPROCAM is a double-rail
camera with fixed front and rear standards for ensured
precision and parallel positioning.
The device has two extension options; a rapid one with
locking in the selected position and a micrometric fine
tuning on the second rail.
Lens Adapters

The easy interchangeable lens adapters allow using the best applicable optics for the working situation, considering the
magnification, distance, size and resolution requirements.
As the shutter system is incorporated into the camera body or DB, the lens needs to be in "aperture stop" only.


Lens fitting options

RE0450 M39X1/26” screw
RE0440 M42x1 screw
RE0460 V-groove 46mm for HR Digaron Macro 105 mm
RE0470 V-groove 38mm


Back Adapters

Digital Backs fitting type:
RE0430 Hasselblad V
RE0420 Mamiya 4,5X6

Mirrorless cameras:
RE0340 Fuji G mount
RE0360 Hasselblad XCD mount
RE0380 Sony E mount
RE0400 Nikon Z mount
RE0370 Canon M mount
RE0410 Baionetta Leica L


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