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REPRO LIGHT BOX is a device designed for non-contact reproduction of B / W and colour transparencies. It allows the reproduction of transparencies on film or plate in 4x5 "and smaller formats.

The high quality lighting is provided by high colour rendering CRI 95 LEDs, the Light Box has excellent heat dissipation, the light surface is not in contact with the film and this improves the image quality and reduces dirt and heat on the subject. With modern cameras or digital backs the reproduction becomes fast and of excellent quality. The Repro Light Box can be used in combination with a commercial stand or with its specific support, the Repro Stand code RE0005.

- 220V power supply

- Shuko switch with protection fuse.

- Quick coupling system for format exchange.

- Size: 22.5 x 17.5 x 11.1cm.

- Weight: Kg. 1,9


The film holders for REPRO LIGHT BOX are designed to hold the flattened film in place for the duration of the exposure, ensuring perfect flatness and centering.

Book opening with reference points for positioning the film.

Quick replacement with register system with 4 reference points. Snap-in replacement makes it easy to switch between formats.

Available sizes: 4x5 ", 6x9cm, 6x7cm, 6x6cm, 4.5x6cm, 24x36mm and 24x36mm frames.



The Silvestri Repro Stand offers limited dimensions, absolute precision, easy micrometric adjustment, especially in the short distance; 1/1, ½ etc. the progressive control of the focusing occurs at the same time facilitating the double operation. The camera stays in place without the need for locking. The Repro Stand has 4 adjustable feet for a perfect levelling of the plane and the arm of the column has a further adjustment for the perfect camera levelling. With a full frame 35mm camera and the 50mm lens it is possible to reproduce A4, 21x29.7 originals on the plane.

- Size: 34 x 34 x 70cm.

- Weight: Kg. 3,9

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